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Detroit community gardens grow optimism

Marney Rich Keenan The Detroit News August 11, 2010 Myrtle Thompson stood in the middle of her enormous garden on Manistique on Detroit’s east side as close to 200 tourists milled up and down the rows of squash, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, strawberries and soon-to-be very large pumpkins. As “ooohs” and “ahhhs” could be heard over [...]

By Andrew Kennis In These Times August 6, 2010 Selling goods to passersby on the street, Jenny Caraballo describes her local communal council. “Some of our members are homemakers who want their community to be pretty,” Caraballo says while trying to make eye contact with potential clients in 23 de Enero, a barrio popular that [...]

By Kari Lydersen In These Times July 30, 2010 There hasn’t been “a day of regular business” at Andiamo restaurant in Dearborn, Mich., since the Restaurant Opportunity Center started its campaign for fair pay and treatment at the Italian chain about a year ago, says ROC policy director Jose Oliva. The campaign that has included at [...]

Jeff Conant Foreign Policy in Focus August 3, 2010 With their 1994 battle cry, “Ya basta!” (“Enough already!”) Mexico’s Zapatista uprising became the spearhead of two convergent movements: Mexico’s movement for indigenous rights and the international movement against corporate globalization. Skip to 2010: the movements for indigenous rights and against corporate globalization have converged again, this [...]

By Marc Becker, et al. ALAI July 1, 2010 Following what is now an established tradition at social forums, the second United States Social Forum (USSF) in Detroit in June 2010 included two workshops on the future of the social forums process. The purpose of these discussions was to help define where the social forum [...]

This report-back on the 2nd U.S. Social Forum from Mari Rose, of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, gives an Oaklander’s perspective on Detroit and organizing for environmental justice here and nationally. “There was a rumbling in Detroit at the 2nd ever US Social Forum—not a raucous riot of rebels, but a deeper stirring of the [...]

Listen to the audio of Grace Lee Boggs and Immanuel Wallerstein’s dialogue on June 24 at the 2nd U.S. Social Forum. Read Scott Kurashige’s introduction to this dialogue: Thank you all for coming and welcome to Detroit. My name is Scott Kurashige. I am an activist based among several organizations in Detroit and a professor [...]

Nowtopia author Chris Carlsson wrote this summary of his experience at the USSF: The Social Forum is structured to facilitate conversations, meetings, networking, and a rich cross-pollination among social activists. As Immanuel Wallerstein put it in front of 500 people while conversing with Grace Boggs, “the panoply of organizations at the World Social Forum (and [...]

Why McChrystal Did It by Immanuel Wallerstein Agence Global, July 1, 2010 Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine in which he and his staff insulted the civilian leaders of his country. He was fired for insubordination by Pres. Obama. Even his defenders said that McChrystal’s remarks [...]

Listening to Grace Boggs, connecting with the wonderful people she and her late husband James Boggs collected around them, I am struck by how unafraid they are to talk about love.  With all the anger, our own frustrations and the violence we face, they still put love at the heart of their work.  So do [...]