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LIVING FOR CHANGE Detroit Neighborhoods Day By Grace Lee Boggs Michigan Citizen, Aug 8, 2010 This Saturday, August 7, is Detroit Neighborhoods Day. Neighborhoods Day was started in Detroit by Luther Keith and Arise Detroit in 2007 to give community residents an opportunity to showcase their pride in their neighborhood; to “forge relationships that can [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE Another Education, NOT Another Controller By Grace Lee Boggs Michigan Citizen, Aug 1, 2010 For the last 50 years Detroiters have been struggling over who controls our schools. In the Black Power movement of the 1960s, as part of the struggle for more blacks in city and state government to represent a [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE Another Education Is Happening By Grace Lee Boggs Michigan Citizen, July 18, 2010 In the Peoples Movement Assemblies (PMAs) of the USSF, local groups shared strategies towards more democratic ways of Education, Health, Housing, Utilities, and other fronts of struggle. I participated in the Education PMA with 350 people from over 20 [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE The 2nd USSF: ReBuilding, ReDefining the U.S.A By Grace Lee Boggs Michigan Citizen, July 11, 2010 Eleven score and three years ago 55 delegates—mostly lawyers, merchants, planters and slaveowners, representing their personal and regional interests, but calling themselves “We, the people of the United States”—met in the State House in Philadelphia (where [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE I Dream A Garden By Grace Lee Boggs Michigan Citizen, July 4, 2010 “I Dream a Garden” Come into the circle—circle of life Come into the dream of a paradise What was once a ruin can be reborn Just like the sun after a storm. With our hands—with our hearts With this [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE The Changing Role of Teachers By Grace Lee Boggs Michigan Citizen, June 27, 2010 When Will Allen, the urban farmer who is the CEO of Growing Power, was in Detroit recently, we enjoyed a quiet lunch before he started on his busy round of interviews and workshops. Will is the kind of [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE Reconnecting Generations By Grace Lee Boggs Michigan Citizen, May 23, 2010 The older I grow, the more I am convinced that the human race can only continue to evolve if we overcome the age segregation that has contributed so much to our dehumanization over the last few decades. When I was an [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE Redefining the Value of School By Grace Lee Boggs Michigan Citizen, May 16, 2010 When I heard Robert Bobb’s proposal for a K-14 school, I couldn’t help thinking that the arrogance of Governor Granholm’s appointee is exceeded only by his ignorance. Is this man, who has assumed the right to make so [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE We Who Believe In Freedom Cannot Rest By Grace Lee Boggs Michigan Citizen, May 9, 2010 Last weekend I was honored with the Ella Baker/Septima Clark Human Rights Award at the American Educational Research Association convention in Denver. Ella Baker is called “the godmother of SNCC” because she encouraged the youth volunteers [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE ¿Requiem for Detroit? By Grace Lee Boggs Michigan Citizen, May 2, 2010 ¿Requiem for Detroit? aired March 13 on BBC2. But I didn’t view it until last week when I received the DVD (with a thank you note) from Julien Temple, the director, and George Hencken, the Films of Record producer. In [...]