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THINKING FOR OURSELVES Democracy is Growing in Detroit By Shea Howell Michigan Citizen, Aug 8, 2010 As soon as the Detroit City Council rejected the high -pressure push to put the question of mayoral control on the ballot, the establishment chorus began shouting its scorn. Calling the council members “wimps as bad as the old [...]

THINKING FOR OURSELVES Desperate for Change By Shea Howell Michigan Citizen, Aug 1, 2010 There is something terribly sad in the debate about the effort to give the Mayor of Detroit control of our public schools. As the Governor, foundations and some local ministers line up to increase the pressure on the City Council to [...]

THINKING FOR OURSELVES NO to Mayor control. YES to Community. By Shea Howell Michigan Citizen, July 18, 2010 The debate over control of Detroit Public schools is intensifying. Last week three important events happened. First, the elected school board selected community activist Elena Herrada to join them. Ms. Herrada brings vision and passion to the [...]

THINKING FOR OURSELVES The Real News By Shea Howell Michigan Citizen, July 11, 2010 After engaging in ridicule and name calling, the mainstream media gave almost no coverage to the United States Social Forum. It avoided any discussion of the substantive issues debated in the Forum, the inventive organizational forms created there, and the depth [...]

THINKING FOR OURSELVES Change Gonna Come By Shea Howell Michigan Citizen, July 4, 2010 Marching down Woodward Avenue in 90-degree heat on the opening day of the United States Social Forum, I felt we were all stepping into a better future. It is a future we are creating, filled with possibilities for new ways of [...]

THINKING FOR OURSELVES Another World By Shea Howell Michigan Citizen, June 27, 2010 On the eve of the second United States Social Forum being held June 22-26 in Detroit, the New York Times, the nation’s newspaper of record, ran another story about the shrinking of Detroit. The article captured the abandonment of the city and [...]

THINKING FOR OURSELVES Bad Business By Shea Howell Michigan Citizen, May 23, 2010 Emergency Financial Manager Bobb’s plans to reform Detroit Public Schools fall apart under serious examination. His claim that he can improve the schools through massive closures, shifting resources to charter schools and bringing in Teach for America (TFA) cannot be substantiated. First, [...]

THINKING FOR OURSELVES Market Place Education By Shea Howell Michigan Citizen, May 16, 2010 Emergency Financial Manager Bobb avoids democratic debate because his plans cannot stand up to questioning. His main thesis, that the market place can better educate our children, is unfounded. Privatizing education turns our children into commodities. Market place education depends on [...]

THINKING FOR OURSELVES Spinning Democracy By Shea Howell Michigan Citizen, May 9, 2010 The mainstream media bias against Detroit surfaced starkly last week. It centered around sharply contrasting reports on the role of citizens in public meetings. Concerned and angry individuals of Troy, Utica, South Lyon and Royal Oak who spoke up at public meetings [...]

THINKING FOR OURSELVES Democratic Debate By Shea Howell Michigan Citizen, May 2, 2010 Detroit is not alone in facing the need to cut spending on education. Across the country school districts are warning that as many as 300,000 teachers face layoffs. Looking at the combined impact of slashed state support for education, reduced property taxes [...]