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Remembering Howard

Nicolas Lampert of the Just Seeds Collective reflects on the passing of Howard Zinn: Howard Zinn changed my life. In 1999, I first read “A People’s History of the United States” and read it cover to cover, fascinated by his words, his sense of optimism, and belief that ordinary people can and have organized and [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE Time For A New Kind of Pacifism By Frank Joyce Michigan Citizen, April 10, 2009 Most days news of parents killing children, husbands killing wives, children killing parents, physical abuse in your own family, mass murders at churches, schools, shopping malls, workplaces or wherever just washes over us. The same goes for [...]

LIVING FOR CHANGE A New Way Of Responding To Crisis By Andrew Plisner Michigan Citizen, Mar. 3, 2009 “This is a breath of fresh air. It’s a new way of looking at a crisis,” Frank Hammer explained as he introduced the film, The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil at the February 21st [...]

Time banks pay off for community By DESIREE COOPER Detroit Free Press, Feb 25, 2009 Last fall, Lathrup Village resident Genevieve Skory spied a neighbor toting a large blue tarp, a rake, a leaf blower and an iPod. “He was on his way to my house to rake the leaves,” said Skory. She hadn’t asked [...]

Dear friends of Peace! Please support our brother who has dedicated his life to giving hope for all our children and community for the last 23 years! The Life Time Achievement Ceremony is well deserved but don’t forget this is giving us all an opportunity to support Weusi with urgently needed funds to help alleviate [...]

Drive-by shooting victim Weusi Olusola inspires with cancer battle by ROCHELLE RILEY, Feb. 20, 2009, Detroit Free Press Weusi Olusola’s second life began two weeks after he got shot. A 16-year-old All-State basketball star and marching band member at Murray Wright High, he was Willie Brown Jr. then. On August 10, 1986, he was eager [...]

You are invited to our upcoming Detroit City of Hope monthly meeting: Wednesday, February 25th at 6:30 pm 3061 Field Street (Boggs Center) Detroit, Michigan 48214 313-923-0797 Join us for a discussion about the current state of politics in our city, the recent mayoral election and our challenges to creating a Detroit City of Hope. [...]

February Where do We Go From Here Transformational Discussion: “Looking in the Mirror” Saturday, February 14, 2009. 2PM-4PM The February Where do We Go From Here Monthly Discussion will be based upon the film Grand Torino, the recent Michigan Citizen film review by Scott Kurashige, Grace Boggs’s Left Forum speech, “The Next American Revolution,” and [...]

By: Rich Feldman We should fight for our lives, be in the streets but we need to look in the mirror. This is the realignment of the empire and we need to ask ourselves about the consciousness and transformation that evolves when we refuse to look in the mirror and when we make this a [...]

By: Vincent G. Harding, PhD I think it was sometime early in 2007 that I began to find myself almost possessed by a profound premonitory sense that the next year, this year, 2008, would be filled with a special power. At first I was unable to articulate or explain my feeling with any more clarity [...]